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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> tia: the busiest travel day of the year is underway. nearly 50 million people are expected to travel 50 miles over the next five days, and of those, nearly 90% will be driving. >> brian: what can you expect from the airports? they're going to be packed. a record 27 million people are expect to fly somewhere this week. hopkins is bringing in extra people today to handle that ru so you knew it wasn't easy. the weather may or may not cooperate. rain is moving into the area just as you get ready to head out this morning. >> it's wednesday, november 23rd. thanks for joining us. day before thanksgiving. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. our team coverage includes denise zarrella at hopkins airport and laura demaria watching the roads. we start out with meteorologist
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good morning, sam. >> samantha: good morning, guys. it's 6:00 on the nose, and we have a little rain to track for you on the holiday map. right now it's completely dry. you can see on my map there is nothing going on in northeast ohio. as i take you through time, you notice that rain does move in our direction. if you're traveling this morning out towards pittsburgh or d.c., taking that pennsylvania turnpike, you'll be just fine, 77 southbound. we look good. 90 west and towards columbus and eventually cincinnati is where the rain is. maybe you're taking 90 farther and you're headed out towards indiana. look at that. a lot of rain and maybe wintery precipitation. i have the map stopped right now at 8:00 in the morning, so travel through the morning hours will be just fine. look, here's midday. rain will be approaching us from the west and southwest, and it might even start off as a little sleet mixed with rain, but with
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later today, i do not expect any travel issues from this. it's just going to be rain. it may slow you down a little bit in the afternoon. here's 4:00. some sam roberts scattered showers are possible. look at 9:00, laura. if you drive around here tonight, you will definitely run into rain. over to you. >> laura: all right. the best tip i can tell you is to get on the road before 10:00 a.m. this morning if you the later you wait into the day today not only are you tangling with that weather that sam is talking about but more traffic. between about 11:00 and 6:00 is when you see that heightened traffic. out there on the roads this morning, we have no troubles for you. you are moving smooth as silk out there and no big problems. i heard the accident in twinsburg was a rollover and has cleared out of the way. water main break in brunswick.
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north olmstead is 17 minutes there. from mentor 29 minutes for you, and akron to cleveland perfectly on-time commute, 37 minutes there. today is one of the busiest travel day of the year. aaa says peak congestion is at 3:00 in the afternoon. here are a few tips. >> if you're driving, you're joined with 43.5 million more americansor that's an increase of about 2% over last year. you can thank lower gas prices for all this congestion, but by now most of us know we should make sure we have a good car battery and our tires need to pass the penny test. plus, buckle up, and put up the distractions like the cell phone. here are lesser-known tips aaa and lifehacker reminds us of. follow the two second roll for following distance.
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in front of you passes that object, make sure you don't pass another two seconds. turn oyour headlights. you're more visible during the daytime with headlights on. informant, life hacker says you're 32% less likely to be in a collision. adjust your side mirrors so your car is not visible in your mirrors to decrease your blind spot. in the next half hour, we have the top reasons why aaa will likely be drivers this holiday drive and some tips to make sure you're not one of the ones that gets stuck. tngz >> tia: you mentioned the lower gas prices. ohio drivers will enjoy some of the cheapest fuel in the midwest. aaa has it at $2 a gallon. in indiana, kentucky and michigan are around 2 bucks, but in pennsylvania or new york,
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cents more. >> brian: before you hit the road, a major minivan recall to tell you about. toyota is recalling 834,000 toyota sienna minivans because the sliding doors can open while it's moving from the model years 2011 to 2016. toyota will fix it for free. they'll be in touch with you. you should get a letter. >> tia: that's pretty dangerous. when you check the list busiest airports of the day before thanksgiving, cleveland hopkins is not on it. >> brian: that doesn't mean you'll breeze right through this deal, right? you're not getting through security quickly. denise zarrella gets answers for you this morning and continues our team coverage. d. >> denise: it's a very busy day here, but right now it's 6:00 a.m. and i've got great news for you. the tsa line here pretty much
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there and getting right up to the security checkpoint. there is, obviously, a lot of additional staff here today because things have been moving along so, so smoothly. the airport had told us that they were well-prepared and had a lot of extra people here including customer service and law enforcement. you should also expect, though, at some point during today longer lines at the ticket counters and there are three security checkpoints they have here. you're encouraged to arrive at least two hours before your talked to one man heading to arizona today. he's from cleveland going to arizona for thanksgiving. he said he got here two hours early, and this was just easy breezy, and he's got two hours to wait to get on the plane. >> well, i got here two hours early, and i'm sitting here waiting. my flight doesn't leave until 7:20. it's awesome. i mean, get here early. that's what i always say, yeah.
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hustling and worried you will make the plane. i did read about the tsa app. they have an app i downloaded, and it has good information about delays. no delays here right now. it should give you up-to-date information on the tsa checkpoint wait times. unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since yesterday. we will keep monitoring that to let you know whether it's worth taking a look at it. in the next half hour two very important tips if you travel we're asking questions and getting answers at cleveland hopkins international airport. denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> brian: thanks so much. of course, we track thanksgiving travel over the next few days. you can do that on your phone by downloading the free cleveland 19 mobile app. >> tia: we are getting answers this morning about a homicide investigation. this happened in garfield heights last night. a 29-year-old man was shot and killed there. police are still looking for the person behind the gun. now, police have yet to release
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another 20-year-old man was grazed by a bullet. investigators tell us an argument broke out inside the skills barbershop on tourney road when the shooting happened. we have calls out to garfield heights police. when we get new information, we will certainly update you. today cleveland 19 gets a first look at the dash cams. a grant paid for 275 dash cams to be have both body cameras and cameras inside their cruisers. you can look for our story on this this afternoon at 4:00 and also on >> brian: 6:08 on your wednesday morning. a lot of people have seen this story and plenty have had something to say on the cleveland 19 facebook page. it's sadly a story of addiction. another reminder of the deadly heroin epidemic that is shaking many families to their core including this one. a little boy in cleveland could
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the 4-year-old told his mom over the phone he thought his father was sleeping. she immediately called 911 as she sensed something was wrong. when paramedics arrived he was pronounced dead of an apparent overdose. the little boy wasn't hurt. two days early they are revived dunaway with a dose of narcan. they couldn't bring him back this ti so far there's been 385 heroin or fentanyl fatal overdoses this year through october 7th. that was the last day information was available. compare that to 228 last year. the medical examiner expects the final number this year to be at least 500 deaths. >> tia: two years ago today we found out 12-year-old tamir rice died of a gunshot wound fired by a cleveland police officer. we told you his mother, samaria rice, is continuing to fight for
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she made a statement about tamir's death. >> i'm sure they're still disturbed after two years. i'll be disturbed for the rest of my life, because that was my baby. >> tia: rice also had a list of demands for cleveland city leaders including taking funding from cleveland police and putting some of it towards cleveland city schools. the city settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the rice family earlier this year worth $6 million. >> >> brian: we told you about this yesterday and promised to show you the downtown higbee building christmas display. here it is. it's set up for the holidays. it's part of the 5th annual higbee holidays which is now the jack cleveland casino. sirqu emusic cal spectacular is coming to the center on december
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logon to and enter to win for two tickets. we have some crucial information this morning. a lot dietitian will put a game plan together for us. pray to god, please get me out of here. i knew for me i'd probably end up in jail or dead. >> this former olympic athlete explains how the two years he spent in foster care is now impacting hed ohio kids. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, tia. your travel forecast if you're headed to the east out north and down towards atlanta, we look quiet the first half of the day. big slug of rain and snow from minneapolis south to houston, and then the pacific northwest also looking like a rocky travel area today. your local travel forecast after the break. >> brian: another police
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investigators say led up to this
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vrsansky at the alert desk. new developments in a police
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wayne state university campus in detroit. we have aerial footage of the scene. you can see the heavy police presence. a wayne state university police officer was shot in the head identified at 29-year-old colin rose. as of midnight the officer was out of surgery and in critical condition. authorities say they have a person of interest now in custody. rose works in a k-9 unit investigating possible car thefts near campus when he was shot. you'll probably see this video on facebook or twitter this morning. the video touted as the high he is profile mannequin challenge ever. ellen tweeted it last night. her and her fellow presidential freedom participants in the white house taking part. tom hanks, kareem abdul-jabbar and bruce springsteen took place. we did our own challenge here in
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i think it gives them a run for the money. what do you think? >> brian: absolutely. no. we couldn't even see kareem abdul-jabbar's head. they didn't lift up the phone high enough. >> tia: we did well. this next story proves that really if you put your mind to something anything can happen considering the circumstances. from homelessness to olympian, one local man haven the gorten his roots. >>an platform to raise awareness by adoption. sia nyorkor is here and spent time with him when he was home, and she has this story. >> sia: absolutely. november is national adoption awareness month, but ohio native oo iles talks about it 24/7. he shares being in foster care and how thankful he is for your foster parents. he says when he thinks about the two years he spent in foster
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>> i pray to god, please get me out of here, because i knew for me i'd probably end up in jail or dead. >> sia: at the age of 8, a couple adopted him and his twin sister after years of people trying to separate them. >> instead of adopting one or the other, they wanted both of us. they took us how we were, and they just loved us. so, man, we get really blessed in our situation. >> sia: giving them the family ey years later, he's living in his dream. the 26-year-old rugby player spent the summer competing in rio as a member of the u.s. olympic men's rugby team. soon after he came home to tend to other matters close to his heart. mentoring foster kids at local schools in northeast ohio. he tells me they relate to him because of where he came from. >> a lot of them keep stuff
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and just need -- just need advice? general. >> sia: his mother is proud of his accomplishments but especially this one as it relates to the entire family. >> the kids are really my family, so i don't assimilate to the term adoption. we're all family and all blood. >> reporter: for carlin that feeling is mutual, one he would like every foster child to know. it's not where you start but how you finish. >> taken me through a lot, and it's important for people to be inspired and hear and see the things that i had to endure and overcome. foster care is real. >> sia: the foundation for foster children says nationwide 500,000 children and youth in the foster care system through
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>> samantha: good morning to you. before you hit the road before thanksgiving, pack the car, right? whoever is lucky enough to be handed that task this morning, you got to bundle up. we are in the 30s in cleveland, but with the breeze factored in it feels cooler. if you pack the car in akron this morning, good morning to you. it is 30, and we're running at about 22 in new philly, 24 out in wayne county. definitely a chill in the air. of our area, no rain at all, but there is some cloud cover along the lakeshore and out to the west. i think clouds will continue to build through the morning. you'll also notice a little pink and white popping up out west towards toledo. that is most likely not making it down to the ground. the air is very dry, so when rain initially tries to move towards us, it will have a tough time making it down to the
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in the day. here's a wide map. if you travel this morning east of cleveland, you're good. no problems at all. west in indiana down to the south in kentucky and farther west into eastern illinois there are showers, and there's a little wintery precipitation that actually is making it down to the ground to our north. that stayed up north. they have some snow, so if you're going that way, please be careful. again, this system is headed in our general direction for later for my local travelers going to grandma's house today in canton or out in ashtabula, you're going to be fine this morning. we don't have any rain around here until this afternoon. i do think it will be scattered as first, and there may be a little sleet that mixes in 1:00 onward, but the sleet is brief. this is mostly a rain event. again, around 1:00 would be the earliest onset, and then on-again/off-again rain into the afternoon. steadiest rains will fall
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chance is high this evening running at about 80%. so if you have family coming in to town, let them know if they're coming in late tonight, they are going to be driving through some rain. some showers might even hang around through early tomorrow morning, but it would be very, very light rain. most of thanksgiving is cloudy with a little drizzle possible. upper 40s on turkey day. decent thanksgiving and could be sunnier, but that's okay. it we have more rain on the way, though, for friday. light rainshowers are possible through the day. could even see a wintery mix on your saturday. i don't think everybody will see it, but especially along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. then by sunday we finally get the sunshine we need. >> laura: let it come back. sam, right now i'm using the waze app, which we're both big fans of, right? can we switch to the waze app so
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and give everyone great information about how to get around town today and also leave out. this will give you fantastic tips on the road. you hear about accidents. you hear about reroutes. you can put in your destination and use it as a navigation system. if you're out there right now, no problems at all for you. now we can switch over to the tips that i have that come in to us from waze. today, unfortunately, wednesday is your worst day of travel around thanksgiving time. better off if you leave before 10:00th let's talk about your return. sunday, a very, very, very busy travel time. monday would be a little better if you can stand to wait until monday or leaving saturday. you definitely want to avoid the 11:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening time of travel. you're at a 240% increase in traffic jams, 100% increase in accident alert and 69% increase in hazard alerts. that's going to be a busy time there. we have more tips coming up
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>> brian: welcome back. the powerball jackpot is a monster. up to $359 million for the drawing. it's the 18th largest in u.s. history. we will have the winning numbers
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11 11:00". thanksgiving day means for a lot of people a big day to watch so will football. i might watch a little. as the coaches get the game plan together, you should put one together, too, so you don't overeat. >> tia: our dietitian says the game plan should involve breakfast. skipping it may cause you to consume more calories at dinner. pay attention to your portion sizes and try to use a smaller plate. simperman says to slow down eating to give your stomach a chance to tell your bayne it's actually full, and that generally takes about 20 minutes. >> brian: i don't know about that. >> tia: what don't you know? >> brian: i'm going to overeat anyway, right? 6:26. a quick look at the rad dar shows things quiet right now. >> mother nature must stay home on the busiest travel day of the year. what you can expect on the road and in the air.
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>> brian: good morning, everyone. this is live on 480. if you're on the roads you may be one of the 48 million people expected to travel at least 50 miles for the thanksgiving holiday. >> tia: here's a live look at hopkins airport this morning if you fly to your destination. better throw some patience into your carry-on bag. a record 27 million people are expected to fly between now and sunday.
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now. >> brian: in our effort to keep you completely covered, we have you ahead of the storm this morning. a system moving in from the west is going to affect your holiday travel plans later today. >> tia: we have live team coverage for today's busy travel day. >> brian: denise zarrella is at cle. we begin with the first alert forecast, and our meteorologist sam roberts. hey, sam. >> samantha: good morning. and good morning if you're just rolling out of bed. it'sle thanksgiving, thanksgiving eve. no rain to drive through in our local area . if you're traveling south or east, you'll be fine. those who travel west this morning need to take it a little bit slower. you can see on the wide map here i'm showing you northwest ohio. i don't have any reports of wintery precipitation from 75 east, but i have a little report of mixed precip around defiance.
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most of this pink stuff that you see here is lifting off towards the north and east. i think most of this misses us, and plus the air here is really dry. so i think anything that does come in initially is going to have a tough time making it down to the ground. this what i think will be moving in later. you can see rain is widespread in indiana and northern kentucky. that's lifting off towards the east and northeast, which means your evening travel plans in bit slow, but best time for local travel this morning or midday. in the afternoon we're okay. there might be a little rain around, but again, tonight, yuck. i would not want to be driving in that rain. laura. >> laura: out there on the road this morning, we are actually moving smoothly so far. heads-up, if you're driving there's a really big tip out there coming in from waze saying you should try to get on the road before 10:00.
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get caught up in the biggest congestion time. peak time is 3:00. between 10:00 and 6:00 this evening, you'll be busy on the roads. this morning looks really good. a lot of green to start off. we had an earlier accident on i-480 in twinsburg. it cleared. that was a rollover there. we have a water main break in brunswick. so careful in that area. going to have a reroute until westbound mentor to cleveland, 28-minute drive. canton to cleveland is 56 minutes, 27 minutes if you drive in inbound from elyria and strongsville to cleveland also running on time. you are all in the green pretty much anywhere that you may be headed if you head downtown right now. your akron drive is coming up at 6:49. as i mentioned, today is one of the biggest travel days of the year on the roads, which means it will be the day where more of
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well. aaa gave us some tips to keep you safe and make sure you're not one of the ones that gets stranded. of the 43.5 million americans expected to hit the roads this holiday weekend, aaa says they expect to rescue more than 370,000. aaa officials say the most popular reasons for holiday breakdowns each year are tires, batteries, and lockouts. for your tires, nails are often unavoidable, but you can make sure you condition. stick an upside-down penny in the tire tread. if you see space above lincoln's head, your tires don't meet the legal minimum and won't stop as quickly as one with 4/36 of an inch. if it's been a while for your beert, you can stop in many places for a free battery check or check with your local mechanic. as for lockouts, that's up to our memory. hopefully now that we know how
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before we hop out of the car. also, pack an emergency roadside kit for the drive including items like blankets, a chang of clothes, snacks and bottled water. guys. >> tia: you can bet hopkins is packed through the day. >> no question about it. even if you drop off or pick up family members, good idea to leave early. cleveland 19's denise zarrella is getting answers this morning and continues the live team coverage from cle. good morning, >> denise: good morning. definitely great advice, you do want to leave early. we're impressed how it's going so far. this is a live look at what i see here. there's absolutely no line at all at that tsa checkpoint, and as far as we know, no delays right now at the airport. that's all great news. now, we know that additional staff was assigned or will be assigns during the heavy travel period today, including customer service personnel and we have
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si you should expect longer lines at some point at the ticket counts and three security checkpoints here. you are being encouraged by airport officials to arrive at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. we did get to speak with the airport director a short time ago who said how they prepared for this huge travel day. >> we've been preparing for quite some time. you may recall last year we did a construction period, and we're happy to say that's finished now. we restrued checkpoints and the ticket areas, so it's a lot more larger now. you can get through a lot quicker, and that's why you don't see a lot of lines. >> denise: so far so good. one great travel tip to leave you with. take one last look at the bag and make sure there's no sharp obs in it so you aren't caught up or hold up anybody in the tsa line, for now we're at cleveland hopkins international airport with this live report.
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>> brian: whether you host dinner or travel for thanksgiving, keep up with the changing forecast. i can tell you you can do that very easily by using the free cleveland 19 first alert weather appear. it's a free download in the app store. federal investigators are learning more about the driver charged in that deadly school bus crash near chattanooga, tennessee. a parent of one of the students on the bus says her kid told her johnthony walker was speeding monday afternoon, and he had asked the children on board if ther walker is 24 years old. investigators say he's had a license to drive a bus for less than a year. he has no criminal record, but now faces five counts of vehicular homicide. >> tia: we're following a homicide investigation and a suspect search is happening right now. this is out of garfield heights this morning. investigators tell us a 29-year-old man was shot and killed and a 20-year-old was grazed by a bullet. this was after an argument last
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and dangerous. you're urged to call police if you have any information about the crime. >> brian: another devastated family ripped apart by drugs. the sad stories seem to come at least weekly revealing another raw layer of our nation as heroin epidemic. >> tia: this time a 4-year-old cleveland boy answered a phone call from his mother and she asked where his father was. he said he was asleep. the mother knew something was wrong. she then called when paramedics arrived they found him dead from an apparent overdose. >> families need to not be ashamed. so many people are scared to talk about and admit you have a family member orloved one suffering from addiction. >> tia: the father, michael dunaway wanted help for the dakdz addiction but couldn't
6:38 am
young kid can cope with the situation. therapy can help. dr. mcdavid says this is something that will most likely have a life-long impact on that child. >> so you have to wonder about whether or not this child thinks it's something he may be responsible for. a child needs a lot of psychiatric services. >> brian: there are programs available like front line in cleveland that working with families and their children. cleveland 19 is trying to help you spot the signs we have information on it's real easy. click on the spot the signs tab under health news. >> tia: last winter 56% of cleveland's snow removal fleet needed some sort of service, and today we work to get answers about how the city is prepared for this upcoming winter. the city will be telling us their snow plan. that happens at 10:00 a.m. they'll also have a portion of the snow removal fleet on display. if you want to see it for
6:39 am
news app. one of cleveland's warmest traditions is preparing for the biggest feast of the year at the st. augustine parish. this year they plan to feed 21,000 people at the hunger center in tremont and by delivery. they say there's always a need for more volunteers. >> brian: out of estimated 46 million turkeys being cooked tomorrow, we know of at least two that will be meet tater and tot from a farm in iowa. today president obama will pardon these two 40-pounders. lucky toms. also "cleveland 19 news" is giving you a chance to win a hatchimal. they're hot for this holiday season. you can enter to win by downloading the "cleveland 19 news" app and filling out the hatchimal sweepstakes form under the tab.
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tonight during the 6:00 show >> tia: this is what justin bieber did to a fan that got a little too close for comfort. >> brian: you don't want this to spoil your thanksgiving feast. we're telling you how to stay safe, especially if you drop your turkey into one of those hot oil cookers, sam. >> samantha: time is 6:40. i have a travel alert for you. if you go west into indiana this morning, watch out for rain and mixed precipitation. if you're going south, or 77 no rain right now until you hit northern kentucky and cincinnati. if you're going east, you're just fine this morning, but this messy weather in indiana is actually moving east right now. it's moving towards us. we'll talk about your local travel forecast coming up after the break. >> tia: another auto recall. nichole vrsansky is at the alert desk with a story that impacts
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>> nichole: ipts 6:43. donald trump chose
6:44 am
u.s. ambassador to the united nations. just got that word a few minutes ago. i'll be following that story for you this morning. also, early this morning we've learned u.s. regulators are letting general motors delay a huge recall of potentially defective takata air bags. gm has more time for testing to see if takata air bag inflators are safe in certain trucks and suvs. they have been known to deploy with explosive they're safe, it can stop its recall of more than 2.5 million vehicles. the faulty air bags are blamed on 11 deaths and more than 100 injuries in the u.s., and i looked this up. right now more than 100 million vehicles worldwide have air bag inflators that need to be replaced before 2019. look at this video we got into the newsroom overnight. that's pop superstar justin bieber caught on cell phone video punching a fan right in
6:45 am
he was on his way to a performance when a fan stuck his hand inside the window. no word on whether he faces assault charges. reminds me of the fight in cleveland in june outside the westin after a cavs game. punched a 6'5" guy in the face back then. back over to you. >> tia: you see the warnings every single year, and every year it happens to hundreds of people. i'm talking about cooking fires whether it's deep fryer and on. if it's in the fryer, make sure it's completely thawed. be careful as you would every meal while cooking when you cook up tomorrow. if you're the chef this year, the pressure is on. we get answers to what you need to be doing today to make sure that meal is ready for tomorrow. first off, turkey today. the turkey should be in your fridge right now. here are things to know before you get to that step, though. first thing to remember, don't wash that turkey. this will spread germs on
6:46 am
use separate cutting boards and plates and everything else when handling the bird to avoid cross contamination, and make sure you cook the turkey until it reaches 165 degrees fahrenheit as measured by a food thermometer. you should check the turkey in three spots. the breast, the thigh and the thickness part of the wing. one more thing. once the turkey is all done, don't dig right in. i know hard not to do it. let it stand for 20 minutes. it will allow the juices to process. >> if you like to get something to your out of town family members this christmas, how about the sweet smell of ohio. yeah. you can now buy the ohio aroma in candle form for just 30 bucks. homesick candles makes this scent. what does ohio smell like? to me ohio smells like ohio state smacking around michigan in football every year.
6:47 am
carnations and honeysuckle, sam. >> samantha: it smells like the west side market. a little bit of everything, right? what's another good smell? fourth street, sometimes you smell all the food from the restaurants. maybe some of that other stuff. maybe you smell like beer. i don't know. i think ohio smells nice. time is 6:47 on this wednesday morning. why do i keep forgetting what day it is? i haven't even eaten any turkey yet, and i'm already in a turkey around northeast ohio, we're good, but loading up the car this morning, it's cold outside. we're in the 20s. bundle up. you need to be all bundled up through the morning, and maybe even into the afternoon. no rain, though, right now. here's your afternoon forecast. if that's when you head to the airport, we'll be in the 30s with scattered showers and then our steadiest rains come in this evening and overnight with temperatures in the 40s. temperatures actually rising at
6:48 am
normally they rides in the afternoon and drop at night. today is a little different. in terms of our radar situation right now, if you are about to get on the road, i don't think you should have to worry about anything locally in our coverage area. out to the west there are showers here in indiana, and this is actually mixing with a little bit of sleet and snow. i don't have many reports of mixed precipitation or snow in northwest ohio, but i have one po seeing some mixed precip. so be careful if you travel that way. down to the south, nothing happening right now, but all this mess in indiana is headed our way. so that's what we'll need to be aware of during the afternoon and evening hours. until then, just mostly cloudy and cold. temperatures hit about 41 midday, and then 43 at 3:00. then we just stay in the 40s for the rest of the night with those afternoon scattered showers.
6:49 am
1:00, and again, most of this will be just an old cold rain. look at tonight's forecast. scattered showers this evening. if you have family coming into town and they're not going to arrive here until the evening, let them know they're arriving to some rain. but thanksgiving looks a little bit better. we'll have cloudy skies, so not much sunshine. it will be a little warmer. upper 40s with drizzle possible. friday light rain in the forecast and mid-40s, so pretty chilly there. we a threat of light rain. by saturday we get flow off the lake. so i did go with a wintery mix along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. it will be a cold day, but all is better by sunday, laura. partly sunny and upper 40s. >> laura: that's good. sunday is a big return day. a lot of people are headed back home after eating a lot of turkey dinner. keep that in mind. it's a busy day for you.
6:50 am
get ready to get out and maybe get on the road before 10:00 this morning because that's the big recommended time before 10:00 a.m. is when you will be the least amount of congestion out there. it's still busy, but right now no big problems. akron is looking good. 76 and 60 miles per hour to the west side. also up to speed on the east side, and then 64 miles per hour leaving canton on time to akron. on time outbound 65 miles per hour. water main break in brunswick. between heller hanna and park. there's mentor to cleveland and akron headed downtown is looking good. rta is getting ready to re-open the westbound tracks at tower city at four months and about $8 million. 1,000 feet of track was redone for the first time since 1990.
6:51 am
>> instead of using the traditional wooden ties, we use concrete ties that last longer that give us more flexibility in terms of being sure the trains are closer to the platform so it's convenient for customers. >> laura: the new tracks will be open for monday morning's rush hour. guys. >> tia: time is 6:51. whether you're going by train, plane, bus or car, today is the busiest travel day of the year. >> brian: we get a report from
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> tia: the busiest travel day of the year tops our list of stories you need to know before you go. lawyer are. >> laura: nearly 50 million people with expected to travel 50 miles the next five days. of those nearly 90% will be driving. the worst time to pick is 3:00 this afternoon. denise. >> denise: i'm denise zarrella at cleveland hopkins te have seen a lot of people come through here, but so far things are running smoothly. no line at all at the tsa security checkpoint. you're recommended to get here two hours ahead of time. >> tia: president-elect donald trump chose south carolina governor nicky haley as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. he also wants ben carson to head the department of housing and urban development. carson's business manager says he's now considering it all.
6:55 am
looking for the person that pulled a trigger at a shooting at the skills barbershop. a 29-year-old man was shot and killed and a 20-year-old was grazed by a bullet. >> brian: we'll get our first look at the cleveland police department's new dash camera ras today. 275 dash cams will be installed in the cruisers. look for the story on "cleveland 19 news" at 4:00 p.m. powerball jackpot up to $359 million. we will have tonight's numbers right here on "cleveland 19 news at 11:00". sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, duff. i want to get you out the door with a check on the radar. if you travel west this morning towards indiana, watch for rain and mixed precipitation traveling east and south at least towards we'll say northern west virginia. you should be fine. kentucky is getting more active. all that mess is headed in our direction. i'm going to break down the
6:56 am
up on cle43. >> laura: it is going to be a busy day out there on the roads. the busiest time to avoid are a11:00 to 6:00 this evening. if you can stay away from those times, and peak time is 3:00. right now is a good time to hit the roads. it's looking really, really good out there. everything is glean and all of the drive times run on time. we have lots of tips and safety information people should know before they jump on the road this thanksgiving i was thinking favorite food that you guys have for thanksgiving. >> brian: the turkey. >> laura: green bean casserole. >> nichole: the dessert. >> samantha: all of it. >> tia: i'm thinking macaroni and cheese. that's all i want. >> samantha: a lot of starch on thanksgiving. >> brian: thanks for watching this morning. "cleveland 19 news" continues on cle43. dante and robin from the great
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? tens of millions of people are on the move for thanksgiving many will find snow, ice, or thunderstorms on the way. we will take you inside the operation center of one of the nation's largest airlines. >> cbs news confirms that president-elect trump will nominate nick consisty he-- nik haley to be the next.


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